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How to Have a Safe & Fun Pool Party

Summer is coming, it's hot, and the kids are begging you to take them to the pool every day. Hosting or attending a summer pool party is a fun and a popular summer trend, but they come with some concerns. It often feels like safety takes away from the fun, but it certainly doesn't have to! Here are 7 tips and ideas to keep your party safe for the whole crowd while maintaining a relaxed and fun atmosphere for parents and kids alike.


Posted in Swim Safety by SwimSchool Bob on May 4, 2018

May 15th - International Water Safety Day

May 15th marks International Water Safety Day, part of National Water Safety Month, which is intended to raise global awareness for drowning prevention and water safety education. We like to take this time to help our swimmers and their parents learn safety tips in order to be safe around the water. Below are our top 10 safety tips that we think are most important when it comes to being safe around water:


Posted in Swim Safety by SwimSchool Bob on April 24, 2018

Water Park Safety: What to Keep in Mind


When we think about water safety, most of us immediately think about how to keep kids safe around pools. And while pools are probably where our children will spend most of their share of time around water,  we also need to be prepared to keep them safe around other bodies of water.


Posted in Swim Safety by SwimSchool Bob on April 17, 2018

Building Speech Skills at the Pool


Just because your child was born with speech and language difficulties does not mean that it should be considered a lifelong disability. New research is being done every day, and you can help your child improve their speech and language skills with speech therapy during swimming lessons! Let your child have fun, while learning to interact with others and develop their language skills.


Posted in Benefits of Swim Lessons, Child Development by SwimSchool Bob on April 10, 2018

What are the Criteria for Competitive Swimming for Kids?


A lot of parents make the decision to enroll their little ones in swimming lessons when they’re young and then may stop classes once they’ve become proficient swimmers. But there are also a lot of kids who fall in love with swimming during their initial exposure to it and want to continue taking lessons long after they’ve mastered basic skills. As a parent, you want your child to have an active and social lifestyle and one of the best ways to do so is by involving them with competitive swimming for kids.


Posted in Benefits of Swim Lessons by SwimSchool Bob on April 2, 2018

How to Prepare Your Child for Swim Lessons Without You

You’ve been taking your tot to swimming lessons for quite some time now, and while you’ve enjoyed bonding with your toddler in the water, the time has come for your little one to venture off to swim lessons without you. We understand that moving up a class level is a proud moment for both you and your child, but can come with some uncertainties.  Without preparation, this can be a stressful transition for little ones, but by taking a few steps beforehand can turn a potential outburst into a positive and fun experience.


Posted in Swim Safety by SwimSchool Bob on March 30, 2018

Celebrating 20 Years of Making Confident Safer Swimmers and Being Among the Best Swim Schools


Hubbard Family Swim School is celebrating 20 years in business - and, more importantly, 20 years of serving families like yours. We’re honored that so many of you have trusted us with your children’s swimming and water safety and letting us share the love we have for swimming and water safety. “It has meant a great deal to us knowing that we are not only teaching children how to swim, we are also introducing them to a skill that they will be able to enjoy throughout their lifetime. Swimming is a  life-long activity that everyone in a family can enjoy”, says Kathy Hubbard.


Posted in Hubbard Updates by SwimSchool Bob on March 29, 2018

How to Maximize Your Time at Baby Swim Lessons

It’s never too early to start your child with swim lessons! Not only do baby swim lessons give your child a chance to learn about water safety at a young age, but the lessons also help nurture their child development. The only challenge with taking your child to swim lessons at a young age is you never know what you’ll get from them. There are some things you can do at home to prepare them for the lessons, but sometimes you simply have to take what you get from them. Here are some of the best ways you can get the most out of your baby swimming lessons.


Posted in Benefits of Swim Lessons, Child Development, Parenting Ideas, Swim Tips by SwimSchool Bob on March 22, 2018

Why Everyone Should Learn to Swim (at Any Age)!


About half of American adults could likely improve upon their basic swimming skills, and in warm-weather states like Arizona, where almost everyone has a pool, it is a necessity. The reality is most Americans overestimated their swimming skills and don’t know how to swim as well as they think. About 80 percent of adults said they could swim, but, only about half of them could perform basic “water competency” skills necessary for survival in the water.


Posted in Benefits of Swim Lessons by SwimSchool Bob on March 20, 2018

Amazing Women in Swimming History


How much do you know about the most famous female swimmers and how they influenced swimming history? From revolutionizing the swimsuit to rescuing refugees in open water, these amazing women are wonderful reminders of the strength and determination of women in swimming. And as summer begins, and we all jump in the pool, here are 6 trailblazing women swimmers that you need to know:


Posted in Motivation by SwimSchool Bob on March 16, 2018