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Confident Swimmers Make for Confident Kids

Posted in Benefits of Swim Lessons

Most parents are well aware that swimming is a great way to get their kids some physical exercise including cardiovascular, respiratory, and strength-building benefits. But did you know that kids swimming classes are also instrumental in building self-confidence and encouraging positive social interaction among little ones?

Here are the top reasons baby swimming lessons and toddler swimming classes can spur skill development beyond the physical; resulting in powerful social and cognitive strides as well.

Social Confidence

No matter what your child ends up doing later in life they need strong social skills. If you can set your child up to excel in interpersonal communication and relationships, they will have a leg up in everything they do. The best part is, swimming lessons can help develop this in children - and research backs this up.

In fact, one study revealed that children who took part in baby swimming lessons from two months to four years were better adapted to new situations and had better self-confidence and independence than non-swimmers. Part of the reason for this could be that the structure of swim class requires that kids learn to take turns, share, cooperate, and encourage their peers. All of which have been attributed to building a sense of belonging which strengthens self-esteem.

Kids are taught to set goals in swimming and feel proud whenever they master a certain skill. This boosts a child’s self-esteem and encourages them to be confident and comfortable in an array of social situations.

Cognitive Confidence

In addition to boosting social confidence, kids swimming lessons have been shown to give little ones a boost in their brain development. Research has shown that children who have been involved in swim classes scored higher for intelligence and problem-solving than non-swimmers and accordingly experienced excellence in academic achievement.

It’s believed that the skill development that takes place when learning to swim increases children’s self-discipline, self-control, and desire to succeed. This sets kids up for academic success and the tools necessary to problem-solve and thrive in a variety of situations.

If you were among the parents who chose baby swimming lessons or toddler swimming classes for your little ones because you wanted them to be safer around the pool and get some physical exercise, you’re getting even more than you bargained for! The swim classes your child enjoys today are sure to increase their social and cognitive confidence, increase child development, and contribute to an even happier, healthier, and more successful life. What more could a parent want?

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