Frequently Asked Questions

Our program allows you to start classes any day during the month. Once enrolled, we hold your child’s spot on that day and look forward to seeing them every week.  Find and enroll in any opening in your student’s level at a day and time that works for you. You will then own that spot until your child is moved to a different level. You may move days and times if needed by using your Customer Portal or contacting us.

We understand that life is busy and 30 minutes once-a-week fits well in family schedules.  Our teaching techniques are recognized around the world and we see amazing results with our students when they attend their 30-minute lesson, one time a week. Consistent attendance and repetition in the lessons are critical for success. Each child progresses at their own pace and results usually start to appear after the eighth lesson. May a child come more than once a week? Of course!  AND we offer a discount if enrolled multiple times a week!

When you’d like to take a break (“drop”) from lessons, simply submit a Drop Notice from your Portal at least 30 days prior to your last lesson.  Why 30 days?  That way we can bill your last month correctly and cease future payments.

Your Customer Portal has many features that allows you to create an account, search for availability, enroll into lessons and more.  You can find the link to your Customer Portal in the upper right corner on any of our webpages or the menu bar on your mobile device.  You are welcome to contact us if you need help.

If you have had a child swim with us before, you already have an account and there is no need to create a new one. Use the “forgot password” feature if you need help with your username and password.

After you have an account, follow the “booking” tab to set filters for what you are looking to find.  If you are not sure what level your child would be, see our Levels Page.  

Once enrolled, you own this day and time.  We are committed to seeing your child each week in this class until you give us a 30 day cancellation notice to end your class.  For absences and makeup eligibility see FAQ.


Enrollment Hints: 

Your family account is independent for each Hubbard Family Swim School location.  If you wish to access a location other than your regular location, you must create a seperate account at that location. 

If you have multiple children and want some help getting them together, create a profile with all your information and then contact us. We’d be happy to assist you!


If you can’t find a class that works for your schedule, be sure to search for the level called “.Unassigned”.  These are classes with no levels assigned yet because no swimmers have enrolled!  “.Unassigned” levels can become Clownfish, Goldfish, Jellyfish, Octopus, Lobster, Semi or Private.


First month’s tuition pays for the number of lessons left in that month. 

Future month’s tuition is billed on the 1st business day of each month and will vary depending on the number of classes scheduled in the month (see calendar).  Billing will continue until you submit your 30 day cancellation notice.

We offer a 15% multiple class and/or sibling discount per location. 

Monthly tuition is not always the same. Some months have 5 lessons. The total monthly tuition is higher for those months.  Some months have 4 lessons and possibly less due to holidays and closures. The total monthly tuition is lower for those months.


pricing details

All children under 3 are REQUIRED to wear a cloth swim diaper which can be purchased in our lobby.

Bring a suit and towel; we provide all other equipment for lessons.  

If your child is in a Baby Splash or Little Snapper class you will be in the water with them.

If your child has long hair, you can purchase a swim cap or bring a hair tie.

Please see the "Preparing for Your Swim Lesson" link on your confirmation email for additional tips to help you navigate lessons like a pro!


See here for COVID health and safety guidelines

    • For the health and safety of all swimmers and staff, if your swimmer has any symptom of illness, we ask that you report the absence and do not attend your swim lesson until symptoms have gone away.

    • If there is a situation when your swimmer cannot make it to your lesson, we ask that you let us know as soon as you know you’ll be absent.

    • How to Report an Absence? 

      • The Portal allows it to happen with just a few clicks.

        1. Log into to your Customer Portal at

        2. Open “My Account”

        3. Select “Future Absences” on the student(s) you are reporting absent.

        4. Follow the prompts.

See "Makeups - everything you need to know" for Makeup Token eligibility and guidelines.

We offer makeups to eligible, currently enrolled, year-round swimmers!  Makeup Tokens (MUT) are a courtesy that hold no financial value and have limited availability.


How do I get a MUT?

If you need to miss your regular scheduled lesson, to receive a MUT, you must be enrolled in a qualifying program and the absence must be reported at least 60 minutes prior to the lesson using your HubbardSwim App or Customer Portal. The MUT will be issued after the missed lesson.


If circumstances allow, please report your absence days in advance to create an opportunity for another swimmer to schedule their makeup in your spot.


Program Eligibility:  

  • Year-Round Little Snapper, Clownfish, Goldfish, Jellyfish, Octopus, Lobster, Hammerhead Jr & Sr : These levels are eligible for MUTs. Semis & Privates in any of the above levels are eligible for a GROUP Makeup and must contact us to schedule. 


  • Baby Splash: Not MUT eligible due to it being a free class. 


  • Special Needs/Accommodations: Not MUT eligible due to our inability to replicate those specific accommodations as well as the deeply discounted private lesson rate.


  • Summer Six Pack Sessions: Not MUT eligible due to its limited availability.



How do I redeem a MUT?

  • Log in to your HubbardSwim App or Portal and go to Account

  • Under your swimmer’s name, select Makeups

  • Select Use Token

  • Change the Makeup Date to view classes within the next 6 days & select class.

  • You will receive an email confirmation with details for you to review.

  • Makeup details can be viewed in your HubbardSwim App or Portal by selecting Enrollments under your swimmer’s name.

  • MUT can be redeemed at any Hubbard location where you have created an account. Contact us to move and redeem your MUT from another location.



MUT Fine Print:

  • Makeup Tokens (MUT) can only be redeemed while your swimmer is actively enrolled. If you drop, unused MUTs will be frozen until you re-enroll or the MUT expires.

  • Cannot be redeemed for any financial value and is non-transferable. 

  • Once a makeup is scheduled it cannot be rescheduled, made up if missed or issued a new MUT.

  • Class availability cannot be guaranteed as it is based on vacancies, and your swimmer’s age & level. 

  • Can be redeemed no more than 6 days in advance of the desired lesson.

  • MUTs expire 12 months from the date issued.

  • We require a 2 hour break between classes if you wish to schedule multiple lessons on the same day. (No back-to-back lessons)

  • We require new swimmers, returning swimmers and newly promoted swimmers complete 4 regularly scheduled lessons before scheduling a makeup.

Parent and Me:  One of the many things we love about our program is that progress happens in the child AND the parent.  Level advancements are age based or teacher recommended. More details.

Teacher and Me: The Deck Supervisor will alert you to your child’s promotion.  We celebrate promotions with a level ribbon and you will be provided a Progress Report.  More details.

How do you evaluate my swimmer?  

Each week a different lane is designated and those swimmers are evaluated according to our Progress Reports.  Teachers constantly monitor their swimmers and the skills each child is working to master.  Promotions are based on teacher recommendation and a child's successful completion of mastering all level skills.  Level Progression and Level Skills are posted on the lobby wall.  When a skill is mastered, you will receive an email with an update.


Why did my child get a ribbon however the skill isn’t marked off on the progress report?

Ribbons are used as encouragement and for successfully performing a skill, completing a level or having a great attitude!  Skills are marked off on your child's progress report and recorded in our system once the skills are mastered.  Once a child can comfortably, confidently and consistently perform a skill, we consider it mastered.


Will you automatically move my child into the next level?


We do not automatically transfer swimmers into the next level as occasionally a day/time change is required.  Our Front Desk staff can assist you or you can view classes through your Customer Portal to request a transfer.

Initial booking balances are due at the time of enrollment. 

Monthly tuition is due on the 1st business day of the month and collected in a direct debit. If your payment fails, you will be notified via an automated email sent to the email address on file with directions on how to complete your payment.  Accounts delinquent more than 7 days will be removed from classes.

If there is a balance due on your account, it could be for a variety of reasons.  If you are having issues making payment, please communicate that with us.  We will work with you as best we can.  


If a balance remains on your account, we will assume you no longer want your spots and will remove your child from lessons.  We reserve the right to cancel accounts with unpaid balances if payment is not received by the due date. 

Life happens.  We totally get it.  We want to help you find a different day and time that works. Submit your request so we can approve the transfer.


  1. Log into your Customer Portal.

  2. Open "My Account"

  3. Under the swimmer you wish to transfer, select "Enrollments".

  4. Click "Transfer Enrollment"

  5. Follow the steps to submit your request to transfer.

  6. Give us about 24 hours to approve it or suggest a different class. 

How do I submit a drop/cancellation?

  • Log in to your Portal and go to “Account”

  • Under your swimmer’s name, select "Enrollments".  

  • Under the "Current Enrollments" select "Drop Enrollment"

  • Select your requested last day and a short note for reason of cancellation.
  • You will receive an email confirmation with details for you to review.  HFSS will make any adjustments needed to your swim account.


Your swimmer stays enrolled until you submit a 30-day cancellation notice in order for our system to apply correct payment and cease future payments.

With our ongoing year-round lesson structure we do not "hold" classes without billing for tuition. 

Here are two options:

  1. Keep your current enrollment. Continue to pay tuition for your swimmer’s spot while you are away and accumulate Makeups Tokens. Report your absences through your Portal to keep your attendance up-to-date and accrue Makeup Tokens. Upon return you can request makeups based on availability. See Makeups and Makeup Token FAQ for details.

  2. Submit your last day through your Portal. We ask for a 30-day notice to ensure correct billing. Canceling your lessons is permanent and will release your swimmer’s spot. Monthly Tuition will be charged based on the end date submitted. See Makeup and Makeup Token FAQ for details.

Baby Splash Swimmers: If you wish to cease classes before your child is 6 months old, contact us or leave us a message with your Portal drop request.

Yes - private lessons are available.  1 student / 1 instructor

Private makeup lessons are not available.  Makeup lessons for a missed private class may be scheduled in a Teacher and Me equivalent level.

See Private Lessons.


We also offer Private Lessons for kids with Special Needs.  See Private - Special Needs.

All Hubbard Family Swim Schools are closed on major holidays. If your lesson happens to fall on a major holiday, you will not be charged for the lesson and therefore you do not qualify for a makeup. Refer to our calendar for days we are closed.