Frequently Asked Questions

  • You find a day and time that has the class that you need and you register in that class. You own that day and time until you decide to take a break, you move to another day/time or your student gets promoted.
  • There are no registration fees.
  • Classes are pro-rated at a per lesson rate if you start or end your lessons in the middle of a month. You are paying monthly tuition for your child's spot in their weekly class.
  • We also pro-rate for any holiday closures.
  • You will pay for your first month when you register and then through a monthly direct debit, which is the first working day of each month.
  • We ask for a 30-day notice to end your class. This allows us to put an end date on the class and opens the class for other students. Drop us an email or let us know when you come for lessons.
  • “Session” style bookings are offered in the summer with our Fast Track Blitz program
  • Hubbard Family uses a simple lesson pricing model.
  • Group lessons, Little Snappers, and Hammerheads are $21.00 per lesson to come once a week.
  • Semi-privates are $30.00 per lesson to come once a week.
  • Baby Splash lessons are FREE with a $25.00 one time joining fee until your child turns 6 months of age.
  • We have no registration fee for levels after Baby Splash
  • We offer a 15% multiple class and/or multiple child discounts.
  • Tuition will be adjusted for 5 lesson months and prorated for holidays and closures.
  • Monthly tuition is calculated and billed on the 1st business day of the month.  Lesson cost x (# of scheduled class days in the month) = $Monthly Total

What you can do online:

  • Create your own parent portal with all of your family information
  • Make a new booking
  • Update your credit card information
  • Look up available classes to move to or to do a make-up in

What you CANNOT do online:

  • MOVE a booking to another level or another day/time
  • Book a makeup
  • Cancel a booking
  • To do any of these just email us ( or call us (602.971.4044) and we will be glad to help you get these done!
  • Be sure you have the right location when you are online
  • If you leave the computer and return a few minutes later – it sometimes defaults back to a different location – we are working on that but until it’s fixed – double check!
  • Yes, you must put your payment information in TWICE. The first time is to pay for the first month – the second time is the cc that you want used for the monthly DD. Our system thinks you may want those to be two different cards (we’re working on this one also!)
  • If you have multiple children and want some help getting them together – call us!
  • If you can’t find what you want – it might be full! (Little Snapper classes on weekends, Baby Splash classes, Goldfish classes). Call us and we’ll get you on a waitlist
  • Always put “Open-call us” class in your search – we can turn that class into almost any level you need it to be (can’t make it a LS class or a HH class).

Every child under the age of 3 is REQUIRED to wear a cloth reusable swim diaper.

You can purchase a swim diaper at any HFSS location.

Our program’s foundation is comfort, which is the essential building block to successful swimming. We begin with simple, effective techniques and drills to assist children and parents to be comfortable in the water.

We see amazing results with our children when they attend their 30-minute lesson, one time a week. Consistent attendance and repetition in the lessons are critical for success. May a child come more than once a week? Of course!

Our year-round, learn-to-swim program provides an environment for your child to learn and grow. When you register for lessons, we hold that same spot for you every week. If a change is needed, just let us know and we will do whatever we can to make it happen.

All Hubbard locations are closed on major holidays. If your lesson happens to fall on a major holiday, you will not be charged for the lesson and you do not need to request a make-up. Refer to our calendar for days we are closed.

Yes - private lessons, 1 student / 1 instructor, are $60/lesson with a minimum of 8 lessons.

(Private makeup lessons are not available.  Makeup lessons for a missed private class may be scheduled in group classes following typical makeup procedure)

Make-ups are based on availability and are not guaranteed. You are paying monthly tuition for your child's spot in their weekly class.

Consistent attendance is better for everyone. The staff on your child's shift will get to know your child and be better able to address their progress.

Overuse of rescheduling negatively affects classes and your child's progression. Please honor the spirit of this privilege and use it only for illness and serious conflicts.


  • Can be requested up to 7 days in advance of the make-up date.
  • Expire when you withdraw and are not carried over
  • Cannot be redeemed for any financial value

We cannot provide make-ups for:

  • Swimmers in first month of Blowfish, Goldfish or Little Snapper levels
  • Special Needs swimmers
  • Baby Splash swimmers
  • Missed make-up lessons
  • Children over 3 in Semi-Private classes (However, make-ups may be done in a group class).
  • Private classes (However, make-ups may be done in a group class).
  • 4-Day Blitz & Rec Team

Reporting an Absence
If going to be absent, it’s helpful to let us know if more than 12 hours in advance to allow someone to use your spot while you're gone. If it is less than 12 hours or after please let us know to keep your swimmer's attendance up-to-date and hold your spot.

Call or complete this form.

If you miss a lesson, you may choose to:

  • Request a Make-up on online or in person.

Hammerhead swimmers need to bring the following with them to every lesson:

  • Swim Cap
  • Goggles
  • Fins
  • Kickboard (OPTIONAL)

No. Baby Splash classes are perpetual, so you will attend the same class every week until your child turns six months of age.

A few weeks prior to your child turning six months old, a Hubbard employee should let you know that it is a good time to start looking for Little Snapper classes if you wish to continue.

You can search for Little Snappers in the Parent Portal

We believe a child's swim lessons should be all positive. There should be no rushing through the learning process because acquired swim skills will not be permanent unless learned over time. There is no reason to subject a child to a life threatening scenario during swim lessons, which in the long run, may do emotional or cognitive harm to the child.

We ask for a 30-day notice to end your class. This allows us to put an end date on the class and opens the class for other students.

Drop us an email or let us know when you come for lessons.