The Hubbard Philosophy

We Believe

That simple steps and solid building blocks lead to long term success.

That teaching breath control, balance and buoyancy is key to creating a comfortable, accomplished swimmer.

That we have the best jobs in the world!

That consistent reinforcement inherent in our year-round, one-a-week, half hour lessons builds success (and smiles!).

In introducing children as young as eight weeks old to the aquatic environment.

That learning to back float is a life saving skill.

father and son swim lesson
mommy and me swim lesson
We love what we do

Come join our family

We love teaching and working with every student that enters our doors. Every day there is a new success story, a new smile, a frightened child that begins to understand the aquatic world. We work to build smiles, confidence and success.

Our half an hour, once a week, swim lesson philosophy works! We love to see the swimmers who consistently attend their weekly class become comfortable, confident and skilled in the water.

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Our Core Values

Do small things with great love

Everyone is family

Whatever it takes

Embrace learning

Committed since 1998
Our secret to success

A commitment to continuous education

Education of our students, parents, staff and the learn-to-swim community, Beyond being an imperative life skill, swimming has many positive impacts on the physical and social development of our students -- starting as young as 2 months. Our baby splash program is an introduction to the aquatic environment, and amplifies cognitive benefits that occur early on in those tiny, growing brains. We’ve worked with the New Directions Institute for Infant Brain Development to educate our instructors and parents on these benefits, and to promote research in this area.

In conjunction with Australian Swim School Association and US Swim School Association, we participated in a study at Griffith University in Australia about the benefits of swim lessons in children younger than age 3. The results of this study contributed to the change in the stance of the American Academy of Pediatrics on swimming lessons for infants in 2010--a monumental achievement for kids. Their 2012 report confirmed that swim lessons have a statistically significant impact on a child's cognitive, social, and motor skill development.

All of our instructors receive hands on training and continuing education throughout the year. Bob, Kathy and swim school management travel to numerous conferences throughout the year to present and participate in workshops on swimming, child development and education.

kids learning to swim