Perpetual Swim Lessons

Find a day and time that has the class you need. Register in that class.​You are enrolled until you give us a 2 lesson notice to withdraw or you request a schedule change.

Private Lessons

Thirty minute, one-on-one lessons for children 2-11 years old. Private lessons have very limited availability. 

Private lessons are available for the following levels:

  • Clownfish
  • Goldfish
  • Jellyfish
  • Octopus
  • Lobster


  • $70 per lesson billed monthly

Absences and Makeups

  • We ask that swimmers report future absences through the Customer Portal.
  • Makeup Tokens can be used in group classes only. We do not have availability for private makeups.


  • Contact us and let us know what days and time frames that would work for your.
  • Spots become available when a swimmer moves to a new class or notice is provided to stop lessons. It is impossible to predict when a class will become available. Privates can take months to years to become avaiable.
  • Waitlist Process: The waitlist is an option for swimmers ready to start immediately when a space becomes available. Our team monitors waitlist requests daily. Once this class is available, using your information on file, we will alert you with a text message & email.

Special Needs Lessons

For children 3 - 11 years old with special needs at all levels of swimming. Classes occur on Fridays 3:00 pm and later.


We provide an aquatic experience that is adapted for each student. Our adaptive swim lessons foster a love for water through gaining independence and developing a better understanding of safety in aquatic environments. The instructor and supervisor team will collaborate with you to best meet the needs of your swimmer and family!


  • $45 per lesson billed monthly


We have been blessed with beautiful indoor swim schools. Our aquatic environment allows for ideal movement, sensory exploration, body awareness, resistance, and tailored learning for every swimmer. Despite not being therapists, we enjoy teaching children to enjoy and respect the water while gaining skills that improve self-esteem, coordination, and strength. Once the Special Needs Inquiry form is submitted, we will contact you when a one-on-one class becomes available. We have limited availability to work with children with extreme or aggressive behaviors as we are not trained therapists.

Special Needs Makeup Policy:

We do our best to accommodate the needs of all of our swimmers. If your child is in a class that has accommodations in place, we are unable to offer makeups due to our inability to replicate those specific accommodations.