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5 Reasons Why Repetition is Important in Swim Lessons


When we work to teach your kids to swim, we include a significant dose of repetition in every lesson. Our curriculum builds upon the skills learned each week, and we spend a lot of time reinforcing these skills over and over again - intentionally. We do this when teaching a toddler to swim because it develops muscle memory, improves mental development, and ultimately results in a stronger, more capable and confident little swimmer. Here’s a little more about the benefits of repetition in swim class and in other learning environments.


Posted in Swim Tips, Benefits of Swim Lessons by SwimSchool Bob on April 17, 2019

5 Reasons Your Child Should Learn to Swim Early in Life


Did you know that babies can start in swim classes as early as eight weeks old? It might be hard to believe, but the benefits of swimming and survival skills taught, even at such a young age, are numerous and incredibly important. Even if your baby (or child) isn’t quite so young, it’s still better to start them in swimming classes for kids as early as possible. Here are a few reasons why, and how, swimming benefits multiply when started young.


Posted in Child Development, Swim Tips by SwimSchool Bob on February 8, 2019

3 Ways to Prepare for Your Toddler's First Swim Lesson

If your child is about to start toddler swim lessons they might be experiencing a range of emotions (and you might be, too!). It’s only natural to have some anxiety, excitement, and other feelings around transitioning to a new environment. But if your goal is to help your toddler learn to swim, rest assured you’re making the right choice in putting them in swimming class.  


Here’s how to navigate the weeks leading up to your toddler’s first swimming lesson, so it can be a great experience for both of you.


Posted in Swim Tips by SwimSchool Bob on February 4, 2019

New Year, New Skills: Tips to Help your Child Level Up in Swim Lessons

Did you set your New Year’s resolutions yet? Many of us make a habit of starting each new year with some intentions in mind, viewing the changing of calendars as a fresh start. But have you thought about helping your kids set some goals for the New Year, too? Little ones, even as young as three or four can benefit from talking about their dreams and wishes and having your help creating a roadmap to achieve them.

If you’re not sure where to start, think about your child’s winter activities. If they participate in winter swimming or other indoor activities for kids, these are the perfect areas to use for goal planning ideas.


Posted in Swim Tips by SwimSchool Bob on January 29, 2019

Potty Training Tips to Take to the Pool

If you’re new to the world of potty training, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. It can take a lot of grit and patience to teach little ones how to graduate from diapers and move on to using the bathroom. But whichever method of potty training, or potty training tips, you’re following, taking your child to swim class in the midst of potty training can seem risky.

Here are a few tips for potty training to make this transition a little more smooth for you and your child.


Posted in Parenting Ideas, Swim Tips by SwimSchool Bob on January 10, 2019

Top Winter Water Safety Tips for Parents

Wintertime and water safety are not always two words that people think of together. But when December is upon us, it’s important to remind parents that pools, hot tubs, and other bodies of water can still be hazardous for little ones. So in the interest of infant swim safety (and swim safety of even older kids), here are some safety tips for parents for the winter months.


Posted in Swim Safety, Swim Tips by SwimSchool Bob on December 10, 2018

Importance of Rinsing Off Before and After Swim Lessons

Did you know that it’s important for your child to rinse off before and after swim lessons? While we’ve found that parents often have their children shower after swimming, many are unaware that they should also shower before swimming - especially when swimming in public pools. Here’s why:


Posted in Swim Safety, Swim Tips by SwimSchool Bob on November 9, 2018

The Difference Between Group & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

At Hubbard Family Swim School, we make sure the class size is small in our toddler swim lessons so that our students get maximum instruction and attention from their teacher. Because of this, our group classes only have four students in them, tops. We also offer semi-private swim lessons for children younger than 3 who are ready to take the next steps after "parent and tot" lessons but are not quite ready for groups of 4.


Posted in Benefits of Swim Lessons, Swim Tips by SwimSchool Bob on October 22, 2018

Fun Ways to Help Your Child Practice Breath Control

If you’ve ever seen kiddos at our school demonstrate a ‘jellyfish float’ where they’re face down and holding their breath in the pool, you might’ve wondered how such a skill will help them with their swimming technique. There are actually many benefits to that particular skill, but did you know it also doubles as one of our favorite breath control exercises?


Posted in Swim Safety, Swim Tips by SwimSchool Bob on October 12, 2018

6 Swim Lesson Etiquette Tips for Parents

Whether you’re new to swimming lessons or have had your child at our school since they were in baby swimming lessons, you probably have a solid grasp on the rules and expectations we have for your kids. But have you ever thought about the etiquette of parents at the pool? And by that we mean supporting your child by helping make their learning to swim experience as stress-free as possible. One of the best ways to support your child is to be a calm, responsible, and encouraging presence for them as they go about learning to swim - and to help keep our school distraction-free for all our swimmers.


Posted in Swim Tips by SwimSchool Bob on September 11, 2018