Health And Safety updated: 8/1/20

We are practicing many safety standards and programming procedures that focus around social distancing, disinfecting and other preventative measures. It is subject to change based on updated information and recommendations from local, state, and federal authorities.

We are excited to share our love of the water with your swimmer. Please take a moment and read the information below before attending lessons. 

Current COVID-19 Safety Guideline Highlights!

  • ‚ÄčFace coverings are required for everyone over the age of 6 years old (except when in the water).
  • Limit your swim entourage to one adult per swimmer. (for baby classes, see FAQs for more info)
  • Enter the building no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled lesson.
  • Upon arrival, use the available hand sanitizer or wash hands.  
  • Practice social distancing and keep kiddos close when they are not in a lesson.
  • We highly encourage families to come and leave in swim gear to reduce the number of people in the changing area.
  • To reduce family and swimmer crossover, makeups are not being offered at this time.

For more detailed information and procedures please see below.

Personal Protective Gear

Personal Protective Gear

  • Face coverings are required for anyone 6 years and older. 
    • Face coverings should NOT be worn in the pool.
    • This is applicable to employees and swim school families.  
  • Face shields will be worn by swim instructors while in the pool.  
  • Acrylic sneeze guards will be on the Front Desk counters.
  • Temperature checks will not be monitored for swimmers or parents. We are relying on families to stay home if they have any symptoms. 
Pricing and Billing

Pricing and Billing

  • The price of swim lessons will not change even for classes with reduced ratios.
  • We will not process the June Direct Debit until week 2.  On July 1 we will return to billing on the first business day of the month. 
  • Billing and payment methods can be updated on the Customer Portal via our website. 
    • We will be glad to help you on location the first lesson back. 
    • We have spent untold hours over the break updating to a brand new customer booking system. You will love it.  It will be up and available soon!
  • Can we pay to hold our spot? Absolutely.  Many families love their spot and their teacher and don't want to lose it.  We just ask that you report absences through the Customer Portal so we can grant make up tokens.  


Ratios and Occupancy

Ratios and Occupancy

We are limiting the maximum number of swimmers in each class to reduce the volume in the pool. 

  • Baby classes         4 students
  • Clownfish               2 students
  • Goldfish - Lobster: 3 students
  • HHJr                      4 students
  • HHSr            reduced by about 30%

How many classes in the pool at one time?

  • Phoenix      no more than 8
  • Peoria         no more than 5
  • Mesa Riverview   no more than 5
Level, Day and Time

Level, Day and Time

  • With HFSS being closed since March 16, how do we get the kids in the right level? 
    • We recommend all swimmers return in the level they left. 
    • As always, we assess swimmers each day and make sure they are in a place where they can succeed.
  • The NEW Customer Portal displays a lot of information including class details, billing details and swimmer updates.  
  • We are working diligently to adjust the schedule for the summer. 
    • We are keeping things where they are for most of the class schedule. 
    • We will be in touch if we need to move things around. 
    • It’s a big puzzle that we gladly take on!  Thanks for being patient.


What about the lessons from March?

What about the lessons from March? 

  • We have added makeup tokens to your swimmers account based on the number of lessons from March that you paid for and your swimmer missed due to the closure.
  • For those who decided to take a break, those makeup tokens will remain on your account.
  • If you wish to discuss other options, please contact us.
What if we cancel? (i.e. take a break, withdraw)

What if we drop?

  • We will miss you.  Hope to see you soon. 
  • Your spot will be open for others to take.  
  • When you are ready to return please go to our website to search for the right spot for your swimmers and enroll.  
  • Makeup Tokens will be available when you enroll again. Makeup Tokens expire one year from the missed class.


  • We will not be scheduling courtesy makeups until further notice. 
    • We want to reduce the crossover of swimmers.
  • During this time, if a family cancels their booking, makeups will remain available for a year from the missed class.
    • We will do our best to provide makeups for families when they return. 
    • You can view Makeup Token expiration dates in your Customer Portal.


Changing Area, Showers, Lobby and Viewing Area

Changing Area, Showers, Lobby and Viewing Area

  • We are counting on families to respect social distancing while in the lobby, on the pool deck and changing areas.
  • We highly encourage families to come and leave in swim gear as much as possible to reduce the number of people in the changing area before and after your lessons.
    • Changing areas can be used as needed.
    • Showers will be open. Please use them only if necessary.
    • Please dry off and exit the building following your lesson.
  • Bring the minimal amount of personal items into the swim school. 
  • The number of chairs in the lobby have been reduced to allow social distancing.  
    • We have added chairs on the pool deck to provide more space. 
  • Play structures are closed.
  • Parents must remain in the building while they have a child in swim lessons.
Cleaning Procedures
  • Increase frequency of disinfecting all highly used surfaces such as countertops and door handles
  • We use an external service company to apply an increased intensity cleaning solution and process
  • Supply Do-It-Yourself cleaning materials for employees to use at workstations
  • Install additional hand sanitizing solution stations
Other Procedures for a Safer Environment
  • Personal Protective Equipment will be worn by Hubbard Family Swim School Swim instructors and dry staff
  • Adjust teaching techniques to practice proper distancing while maintaining safety
  • Install protective sneeze guards at our Front Desk
  • Closed down playground equipment and picnic tables
  • Retail and Snacks:  We will have limited items available.
  • Signs posted about proper handwashing techniques
Who can come to swim lessons?

Who can come to swim lessons?

  • My other child who is not swimming, and I have no other option but to bring them.  
    • If your family has no other choice, bring the sibling and keep them close to you please.  
  • My 2 kids swim one after the other.  What to do with them when they are not swimming?
    • Keep them close to you and respect social distancing.
  • If a baby swims with one parent, can the other parent attend? 
    • We prefer that only one parent comes per child.  For baby classes however we understand that sometimes a second set of hands is helpful.  If you have a helper come, respect distancing and of course capture some fantastic photos of your lil' swimmer!

We are grateful for our extended HFSS family. We take the safety of your family and our team seriously! We thank you for working with us to put these best practices in place. We will do our absolute best to maintain a loving and caring environment for all that is full of learning and growing. Be patient. Be kind. Be strong.


And remember…Everyone is Family!