Welcome to our Hammerhead Program

Hammerhead - Competitive Swim Lessons
Hammerhead Junior
Pricing Details
8 students per class


For swimmers who have solid knowledge of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Class Focus:
  • Streamlines and endurance
  • Individual medleys
  • Drills for all 4 competitive strokes
  • Correct turns for each stroke
Hammerhead Senior
Pricing Details
Squads swimming length of pool

For swimmers ready to practice the length of the pool, increase endurance and receive their coaching from the deck.


Class Focus:
  • Interval training using pace clock
  • Individual medleys with correct strokes and turns
  • Efficient and rhythmic strokes
  • Streamlines and turns

Hammerheads is a competitive program which offers practices, skill clinics and recreational swim meets for Hammerhead swimmers at all HFSS locations.

If you are in a Hammerhead Junior or Hammerhead Senior level, you have the opportunity to expand your swimming skills with swim meets and clinics.

Purpose of the Hammerhead Program:  

  • To provide practices in the summer for our Hammerhead swimmers who want to get intense swimming in during the summer months with the flexibility to schedule around vacations and Camp Hubbard:)
  • To provide an opportunity to experience competitive meets where everyone's a winner and gets to be part of a team.  
  • To provide clinics outside of our shallow water pools to practice legal strokes, dives, starts and turns.


swimming meets for kids

Hammerhead Meets

Hammerhead Recreational Meets allow swimmers to swim in competitive meets at other clubs with their Hubbard teammates. Recreational Meets are offered year-round with a "season" in the Spring, Summer and Fall.

Recreational Meets are fun, positive events where every swimmer is a winner. Ribbons are awarded for each race. Times are recorded and tracked. Swimmers compete in three different strokes including freestyle, backstroke and either butterfly or breaststroke.

Spring Meet Schedule:

Sunday, Jan. 26       @MVCC     3:30pm warm-up, 4:00pm start

        Sunday, Feb. 9        @MVCC     3:30pm warm-up, 4:00pm start

        Sunday, Mar. 1        @MVCC     3:30pm warm-up, 4:00pm start

Sunday, Mar. 29      @MVCC     3:30pm warm-up, 4:00pm start

Sunday, Apr. 26       @MVCC     3:30pm warm-up, 4:00pm start

Spring Championship Prelims: Sat., May. 16    @MVCC   3:30 warm-up, 4:00pm start
Spring Championship Finals:   Sun., May. 17    @MVCC   3:30 warm-up, 4:00pm start


Cost:   $15 for Meets  $20 for Prelims/Finals Championship Meets

Moon Valley Country Club (hosted by Swim Neptune)
151 West Moon Valley Dr.
Phoenix, AZ, 85023

Scottsdale Aquatic Center (hosted by Scottsdale Aquatic Club)
7202 E. Cactus Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

ASU - Sun Devil Fitness Center (Hosted by Pitchfork Aquatics)
400 East Apache Blvd.
Tempe, AZ 85287

Parking available at Apache Boulevard Structure for $3.00/hour. (401 E Lemon St. Tempe, AZ. 85281) Park near the north facing entrance, that will put you right by the fitness center!


MVCC & SAC Meets: Distances - 25 and/or 50 yards, Strokes - Free, back and either fly or breaststroke Coaches will select appropriate distance for swimmers.

Pitchfork Meets: All 4 strokes, swimmers 8 and under will swim 25’s. Swimmers 9+ will swim 50’s

Enrollment for all clinics & meets is processed through our Phoenix location. Click Here to be directed to the Phoenix Web Portal. Browse classes by choosing "Other".

Swimmers must register 72 hours prior to swim meet.  The meets are seeded and heat sheets are printed which is why we have to have your registrations in on time.

Register per individual meet  

Championships: One registration for Prelims and Finals. One fee. Must qualify for Finals.

Stroke Clinics

Hammerhead Clinics will focus on racing techniques including legal stroke, legal finishes, racing starts and turns.  This is a great opportunity for swimmers to get a feel for competitive racing or just brush up on their skills.

Open to past & current Hammerhead swimmers. Coaches work from the deck and are not required to be in the water with swimmers.  

Special Event:

      Olympic Swim Clinic      Saturday, Oct. 19   @ASU  8:30am-12:00pm
Register through ASU,
see Flier       

Clinic Schedule:

Sunday, Oct. 20     @MVCC       11:30am-12:30am      Racing Starts


      $15 per clinic
      Spots are limited!


Moon Valley Country Club (hosted by Swim Neptune)
151 West Moon Valley Dr.
Phoenix, AZ, 85023

      ASU - Tempe - Sun Devil Fitness Complex
      500 E. Apache Blvd.
      Tempe, AZ 


Enrollment for all clinics & meets is processed through our Phoenix location. Click Here to be directed to the Phoenix Web Portal. Browse classes by choosing "Other".

Swimmers must register 24 hours prior to swim clinic. 

Summer Blitz Practices

Get stronger faster! Build endurance this summer with FOUR consecutive days of workouts swimming the length of the pool. Hammerhead practices allow swimmers to pick multiple 1-week sessions throughout the summer. Pick a practice time every week when you can commit to attending 4 practices during that week. Families can build a schedule for the summer with as many practice weeks as they can in order to make maximum progress.

Coaches will coach from in the pool and from the pool deck.  Swimmers will be swimming the length of the pool.

Schedule:  One-week sessions, May 28 thru July 29 (excluding week of July 4)

HFSS 32nd St.           8:00-9:00am      Monday thru Thursday

HFSS 32nd St.           2:00-3:00pm      Monday thru Thursday

HFSS Peoria               2:30-3:30pm     Monday thru Thursday

HFSS Mesa RV          2:30-3:30pm      Tuesday thru Friday


Cost:   $50 for a 4 day week ($37.50 when closed for a holiday)

Registration:  One-week sessions, register individually for each one-week sessions.  Choose your HFSS location. Log in.  Browse classes by choosing "Other" to see Hammerhead choices.

Hammerhead FAQs




What gear is needed for Hammerheads?

Hammerheads is when a swimmer becomes a SWIMMER!  Gear is not required but highly encouraged. Caps, HFSS Dolphin racing suits, fins, goggles are all part of the next step in the progression to become a competitive swimmer.


Is there a Head Coach?  

Yes.  Each location will have a Head Coach

Head Coach @ 32nd Street HFSS is Patrick Hubbard

Head Coach @ Peoria HFSS is Chris Stoffle

Head Coach @ Mesa Riverview HFSS is Tim Bomberg

Parents are invited to touch base with the coaching staff before or after practices.



Who runs the meets?  Who manages times? Are these meets outdoors?

The host swim club…

Swim Neptune at Moon Valley Country Club (outdoor pool)

Meets are typically about 2.5 hours from warm-ups through final race.

Swim Neptune will record and share the swimmers’ times with us and in turn, we will email to you in about 3-5 days.

No outside food/drink are permitted at MVCC.

Scottsdale Aquatic Club (“SAC”) at Scottsdale Aquatic Center (outdoor pool)

Meets typically last 2 hours from 30 minute warm ups through final race.

SAC will record and share the swimmers’ times with us and in turn, we will email to you in about 3-5 days.

  Swimmers may bring their own food and drink. No glass containers.

YES    The meets are outdoors!

What does my swimmer need to bring to the meet?

Swimmers must bring their own swim gear (goggles, swim cap, towel, etc..) Showers are available at the locations. We also recommend water bottles, sunscreen, extra towels and warmups.

What kind of swimsuit should my swimmer wear?

Female: one piece, racing style

Male: jammers or a “speedo”

No swim shirts and board shorts.

Should my swimmer wear a swim cap?

Yes. Swim caps help keep hair back and reduce drag.

Where can swim gear be purchased?

  Caps, suits, goggles and more are available for purchase at any HFSS location.

Does my swimmer have to participate in all 3 strokes at the meet?

Not required yet highly encouraged! Meets are intended to introduce competitive racing. There will be a variety of skill levels at meets.

How is the distance determined for events?

HFSS swimmers 10 years and under will swim 25 yards ("25s").  HFSS swimmers 11 years and older will swim 50 yards ("50s") unless requested otherwise by a parent to our coaching staff.

What if my swimmer can’t attend the meet after we signed up for it?

We are able to cancel a meet reservation 72 hours prior to the meet day and provide a credit to your swim account. Less than a 72 hour notice, we are unable to provide a credit or refund as we are third party taking payment.

How do Swim Neptune Championships work?

Swimmers will enroll into the Prelim meet and then submit this form to inform us of the 3 events (stroke & distance) to participate in. Payment for Prelims includes Finals.

Event times at Prelims will determine if the swimmer will qualify to return for Finals. Swim Neptune will post results before you leave Prelims. The top six times in each event will be invited back to participate in the Finals.