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How Toddler Swimming Lessons Help Kids Get Ahead in Preschool

Posted in Benefits of Swim Lessons, Child Development

It’s no surprise that swimming lessons help young kids learn valuable skills, which help keep them safe around water and can even save their lives. But did you know that toddler swimming lessons can also be a great stepping stone for preschool prep? It’s true!

As parents, we all want our children to have an early head start in academics and we also care greatly about their social and emotional development. Here’s how swimming lessons can be the gateway to all of this before your child even steps into a formal classroom.

Developmental Benefits

Many research studies have shown that swim lessons for young children yield social, emotional, and cognitive benefits. And if you consider that 80 percent of brain development is done by the time a child is three years old, it makes sense that the more you can do to stimulate their minds within those first few years of life will further that development.

When little ones are in swimming lessons, they get the social benefits of camaraderie, shared experiences, and learning to take turns. They interact with their peers and cheer one another on. Emotionally, young swimmers have an early head start since swimming and being in the water can help to soothe strong emotions. In addition to social and emotional development, swimming gives kids an advantage physically, since they strengthen their muscles, lungs, and hearts by attending regular classes.

Preparation for Formal Learning Environment

Even beyond the direct benefits of toddler swimming lessons above, the structure of swim class helps young kids understand what a formal learning environment is like. They become accustomed to listening to the teacher, as well as respecting and trusting them. This is really important, especially for children who have spent most of their time with Mom or Dad.  

Swimming class also teaches kids how to follow directions, take turns, and get along with their peers, just as they will need to do in preschool and beyond. The fact that swim class takes place in a fun environment (the pool!) usually helps to make children’s first experience in this type of learning environment enjoyable and free from pressure, and can set them up for a lifetime love of learning.

Whether you’re interested in swimming lessons to give your child an early head start with social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development, or to help them get used to a class structure, swim class will definitely help your little one with preschool prep. Contact us to learn more, and to give our classes a try.