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Benefits of Making Swim Lessons Part of Your Back to School Routine

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Can you believe summer vacation is coming to an end? If you’re like most parents, it probably feels like you blinked and your kids are just about to head back to school.  When planning their fall schedules, you might be wondering what activities should fit into the picture. Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to include kids swimming classes into their back to school routine. 

Establish Your New Routine

There’s nothing like summer break to disrupt your family’s sense of normalcy. Whether you’ve taken some trips, sent your kids to summer camps or had family or friends in town to visit, there’s no doubt the last couple months have revolved around a different routine. In order to help your kids transition back into the swing of school, think about incorporating swim classes as an activity. 

Your kids’ school day will, of course, make up the main part of their routine, and then you can schedule their other activities around that. Maybe they have dance on Monday, violin on Wednesday, and swim on Friday. However you plan it, creating a good schedule of events for your little ones and establishing your new routine right away, with a day or two ‘off’ from set activities, will help them ease back into their busy back to school schedules.

Familiarity Gives Comfort

If your child has been learning to swim for a while, swim class has likely become a familiar, comfortable place. The routines we have in our classes at Hubbard give kids an understanding of what to expect each session, and the pool itself can give them a feeling of security. 

If your little one is about to start at a new school, get a new teacher, or simply begin a new grade level, there’s a lot of uncertainty and quite a few nerves that can go with it. Having the familiarity of swim class to look forward to can give kids a firm foundation to hold onto and help them through the changing tides, especially if they’ve made some new friends in swim class.

Get the Wiggles Out

If your kids are in grade school, there’s a good chance they sit in their classrooms for a large percentage of the day. And even if they have recess or a physical education (PE) class, they might still be antsy to move around once the school day is through. Scheduling swim class right after school is a great way to get young ones’ bodies moving and get their blood flowing after a long day of learning. 

Swimming will still keep them learning and targeting their muscles and gross motor skills. Then, when they’re out of the pool, you can head home to make dinner and enjoy the rest of the evening at home. Many of our families have found this schedule works really well with their school-age children. 

As you start gearing up to head back to school, remember to schedule swim lessons on a day and time that will be best for your kids. It can go a long way in helping them get back into a normal routine, feel comfortable and stay physically active. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our year-round swimming lessons or our fall schedule.