Savannah was born and raised in Chandler, AZ and currently lives in Phoenix. She attended U of A for a couple years and has since transferred to GCU. She is majoring in elementary education and hopes to be student teaching in Phoenix soon. She has been a member of the Hubbard family since she was 15 years old! She has worked sports camp, as a swim instructor and in the childcare. When not working or attending school she enjoys reading and eating entire jars of peanut butter at one sitting. Her family includes her parents, younger brother Jack and 3 dogs Louie, Pugsley and Sadie.

Savannah hopes to be the best 2nd grade teacher ever! She wants to teach her students to be kind and inquisitive. She feels the most important thing in life is to be a good person and send positive vibes out to everyone you meet. She works at Hubbard because she believes that the company as a whole trains their employees to be kind, hard working and overall good people.