Blaire was born and raised in Phoenix.  She spent 7 months in Cork, Ireland, studying the culture, language and dance before graduating from the University of Arizona with a business marketing degree in December 2002.

Blaire does almost everything at Hubbard.  She is an instructor, supervisor, and trainer.  Blaire is married to Otto who used to work at Hubbard. They were the first couple to have met at Hubbard and become married.  They have a handsome 9 year old son, Tommy, a beautiful 7 year old daughter, Maggie, a feisty 5 year old son, Joe, 4 year old, Will and 6 month old Rosie.

In her free time Blaire enjoys swimming, hiking, scrap booking and playing with her kids.

Blaire was the recipient of the USSSA Outstanding Teacher award in 2005.