Jade was born in Oklahoma but moved to Peoria, AZ when she was 2. She will be a senior at Mountain Ridge HS in 2016. She has been teaching swim lessons at Hubbard since February 2016. Jade’s family consists of 2 step brothers, her parents, two dogs and a Macaw named Cocoa that can talk! She loves music and listens to it all the time. She loves to swim and was on a swim team for 13 years. Her family is her priority and she would not ask for another family if given the chance. They have all helped raise her and she credits them all for who she is.

She works at Hubbard because of her love for swim and passion for working with children. She loves to help the kids understand that swimming is an important life skill that everyone should learn when they are young. She says everyday at work is a good day no matter what because the kids are unpredictable and keep her on her toes.