Jeff was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. Hr graduated high school from Cactus where he swam varsity and performed in theater. He is currently attending Paradise Valley Community College. In the future he hopes to be a Marine Researcher. One of his favorite hobbies is is surfing, in California of course not here in the desert. He also loves fish, but not eating them! His family consists of his little brother Aiden, mom, dad and dogs Stinky and Tyde. He plans on returning to Australia someday to dive and further explore the Great Barrier Reef.

He has been a swim instructor and Deck Supervisor at Hubbard since December 2014. He loves making the world a better place! Whether it be through swim lessons, studying the ocean, or picking up a piece of trash that someone left. He loves working at Hubbard because he loves the sport of swimming, but because of the kids as well. “There is a capacity here at Hubbard to teach way more than a swim lesson, and I have found that is the best part.”