Brit was born and raised in Arizona. She is currently enrolled at GCC working on her Associates degree in Early Childhood Education. Her next goal is to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She has a twin sister named Brec and yes, they have played tricks on people! Her favorite hobby is singing and she has been practicing since she was little. She also loves to play any type of sport even if she is not good at it. In her spare time she likes to go hiking and go on any type of adventures with friends and family. One of her favorite vacations so far has been her trip to Poland. She went for two weeks with a girls group she was singing with. They were on tour and technically working but it was an amazing experience that she will never forget.

In high school she played volleyball, soccer, track and field and choir. She also helped coach soccer with her mom when she was not playing sports. She has a pitbull named Jax that is her baby and she has had since 4th grade. She is passionate about making people happy. Whether it is through teaching or music she just wants to impact people in a positive way. Her future goal is to move to Hawaii and become an elementary school teacher. They are in desperate need for teachers there and she would like to help and live like she is on vacation. She has been working for Hubbard since January 2014 and wears many hats there. She can be seen in the snack bar, daycare and in the water teaching swim lessons.She loves working for Hubbard and impacting children’s lives in a positive way. She feels it is such a blessing to teach them life survival skills.