Registration process:
  • Pay a $50 pre-registration payment per student during the online booking process.    
  • When we open for lessons we will apply your $50 pre-registration payment to your account
  • Once we officially open we will charge your card on file if there is any remaining balance due for October.  
Hubbard will communicate with you thru the opening process to confirm your first day.

How To Register:

  • Follow the link to register 
  • Create your New family account on the HFSS Goodyear customer portal. (You will need a new account just for this location. )
  • Make sure that you select “allow for text and email!” We will be using this system to communicate with you when your classes will begin.
  • Browse for classes
  • We have built the schedule but many classes do not have a class level assigned yet. Be sure that you use the level filter when searching for classes and include .UNASSIGNED class level in your search.  
  • .unassigned classes are ready to be made into all TEACHER AND ME levels which include Clownfish, Goldfish, Jellyfish, Octopus, Lobster and Private lessons. 
  • As always our support team is ready and willing to assist with any question you have.  
Please contact our support team for all Baby Splash enrollments.
602-971-4044 -
Special Needs Swimmers can complete the
  • When completing an online enrollment in a “.unassigned” class PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CHILD’S level in the comments section.   
  • Our team will contact you following .unassigned enrollments to confirm your class level and convert the class accordingly. Yes, you get to help us create the new schedule!
  • GET EXCITED and look out for all communications from us in email and text as we will keep you up to date on our progress and the exact opening date!

Helpful Answers

What will first month's billing look like?
  • At time of booking, families will pay $50 registration fee as a prepayment per lesson to hold their spot. This will be applied to their first month of lessons.  
  • We will run Direct Debit when our opening day is confirmed for the left over balance due for October.
  • (October Tuition - $50 registration prepayment = charge amount)
What happens to current booking?
  • Families will remain in their current spot until we officially open GY.
  • Billing for their current spot will be adjusted.
  • HFSS will process drops from other locations following an official opening date announcement.
How are we communicating the firm open date?
  • We will communicate Official opening dates or delays through email and text message sent via the HFSS Goodyear customer portal.  
  • Parents must have updated email addresses and agree to texting and email communication.
Will HFSS transfer my current account info (makeup tokens)?  
  • Each HFSS location is a separate database for each swim school location.  
  • Families must create a new account in the HFSS Goodyear location.
  • HFSS WILL transfer important account information from other locations including makeup tokens and current skills.