Edmund was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. In the last year, Edmund lived in San Antonio for a summer and became a Spurs fan and then pretty much lived in the movie Hoosiers in a small town in Indiana. Edmund is now back in the valley where he belongs. His mother is Kelly Hubbard, you will catch her molding the young minds of the students at Xavier College Preparatory. You can find his dad, Richard Hubbard, rolling on the west side in his caution yellow jeep with his mind on the Arizona state legislature.

His brother Will is in Ohio teaching swim lessons and telling stories. Edmund has a Degree in Journalism from Arizona State University and says that friends, family, his career and professional wrestling are most important to him. He will be a Deck Supervisor at Hubbard Sports Camp this summer. Edmund says that he has the best job in the world and it’s the best because he gets to teach children. In the span of thirty minutes he gets to be a child’s hero, best friend, idol, and teacher. In his free time, Edmund likes to write, play music and try new things.