Streamline off of every wall
Butterfly pulls to waist underwater
Consistent backstroke shoulder roll with deep pull
Keep hands in front of elbows during breaststroke

Hammerhead Lesson Levels

Hammerhead 1 & 2
Ages 6 through 10
8 students max per class
Hammerhead Seniors
Ages 8 and older
Team practice
All Hammerhead levels
60 minute class
$83 a month to come once a week

HH1 We introduce drills for each stroke, pace clock use, focus on endurance, and starting each width with a streamline.

HH2 We focus on refining the four competitive strokes, correct turns for all strokes and individual medleys. 

HH Seniors Pre-competitive swim program with coaching done from the pool deck. Open to any student that is a HH2 or stronger. We focus on technique, endurance, proper turns, finishes, and interval training using the pace clock.

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