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From our Founders: Bob and Kathy Hubbard

Water and aquatics have played a huge role in our families, across the generations. As kids, our summers were spent around water and our love of swimming and sports has been passed on to our own children and grandchildren.

Bob worked as an ocean lifeguard as a teen in New York City and spent every summer at his family’s beach home in the Rockaways. Kathy grew up in a family of competitive swimmers, spent vacations in the Bahamas and Florida, and competed in the 1968 Olympic trials. We’ve always had a love of water and a passion to share that love and knowledge with others.

As we began our family and it grew (and grew!) to 8 children, every child learned to swim. Our kids loved the water and spent countless hours at the pool and the beach swimming, snorkeling, and boating.

From 1992 - 1998 we ran the Phoenix Swim Club creating a premier training facility for world-class athletes. There we learned the skill and commitment required to coach Olympic finalists, high school swimmers and junior national level swimmers. This experience helped us narrow our focus to our true passion: working with children and learn-to-swim.


We have 8 kids within an 18-year spread. We have a lot of grandkids, and an amazing group of in-laws and extended family. Our own children include four collegiate athletes (gymnastics, soccer, and swimming) basketball players, a tri-athlete, skateboarders, Great Books and National Honor students, and a serious backpacker.

We started our own swim school program in 1998 with a rented pool and a handful of students. There have been many struggles and triumphs along the way. Over the past years we’ve been blessed to be able to grow our business to encompass multiple locations and thousands of students who are comfortable and happy in water.

Our own children learned to swim before all of their other activities. Our core belief has not changed: Children MUST learn to swim. Learning to swim is not a choice.

We have been active members of the United States Swim School Association since 1995. Bob has held various positions culminating in his serving for seven years on their Board of Directors and serving for 2 years as the Association’s President. Kathy is Chairman of the Infant Toddler Education Committee. We’ve won numerous awards including the “Guiding Light Award” and “Above and Beyond Award”. Our staff has been recognized over and over and invited to speak at the conferences often.

Both Bob and Kathy have presented at conferences around the world on our programs and expertise as well as in front of CDC hearings on Baby Swimming.

We believe in what we do, and we are compelled to share our knowledge with the community. We see profound results in our students everyday, and more important, lots and lots of smiles.


Thank you for coming to the Tikes & Tales Used Children’s Bookstore and taking time out of your day to talk to families about water safety. John and I have been taking our boys to swim class at Hubbard for several years. All of the swim instructors are wonderful and the staff is so friendly. We’ve had such a great experience and met lifetime friends (other families) since attending Hubbard. I’m always happy to refer Hubbard to my friends.
Thank you for all that you do for kids and families!